London Hilton Syon | 25 - 27 November, 2019

Paul Bartlett

Principal Consultant

8:30 AM WORKSHOP B: Creating an agile framework for Operational Excellence

Achieving Operational Excellence is an aspiration. Just when you think you are getting close, reality shows there’s always a distance yet to travel. Most OE implementations fail because the programs goals are not clearly defined at the outset and the systems adopted to manage expectations assume an unrealistic conclusion – Excellence.
Operational Excellence needs to be considered a “living thing”, because the business you manage today is not the one you will manage in the months and years ahead. It’s changing all the time and the Operational Management System required to meet these changing challenges must be agile, proactive and reactive, as circumstances dictate.
We are reframing what Operational Excellence means in the context of different Industry applications. This new and unique step-by-step process is designed not to control the way you work but to help you take control of the work you do, more effectively, efficiently and profitably.
Using a consultative approach, this workshop will help you understand what you need to meet minimum safety and regulatory protocols; plan and prioritise risk management and opportunity development; whilst identifying the business-critical factors where added value can be achieved.
This hands-on session will show you how to deliver your Operational Excellence agenda, mindful that as you get closer to excellence, new standards will push you farther away. It’s an evolving process requiring a full life cycle and utilisation of technology. The solution is “Imperative”. 

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